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Three Centuries means people, almost 300 daily stories that are intertwined in the gentle hills of Monferrato.

Generations of winemakers have worked these lands, entire families since 1887 have dedicated themselves to this great mission, a project that has become a solid winemaking reality thanks to the union of two already important and established Piedmontese wine cooperatives: the Cantina di Mombaruzzo and the Cantina di Ricaldone.


The Cantina di Mombaruzzo, with its historic cellars dating back to 1887, it lies on the bottom of the valley, surrounded by recognized vineyards Unesco World Heritage.

Ideal place for the cultivation of the best vineyards with Barbera grapes, red wines age and refine in large oak barrels and barriques.

The Ricaldone Winery is located on the side of the Ricaldone hill.

From its panoramic terraces it dominates the landscape of vineyards.Moscato Bianco is vinified in its modern cellars with the best technologies available today.

This union, which affects the territory of 18 municipalities between the provinces of Asti and Alessandria, has generated the largest Piedmontese wine cooperative with an affected area of about 1,100 ha (hectares) of which 400 has a Moscato Bianco vine, 160 has a vine Brachetto, 300 ha of Barbera grapes and gradually almost all the native and international varieties of Monferrato Astigiano and Alessandrino. In addition, the optimal situation has been created for the implementation of quality systems and continuous research for improvement, both in the vineyard and in the cellar, obtaining numerous certifications.

Since 2018 the Company has become independent in the production of bottled wines, creating a bottling plant for still, semi-sparkling and sparkling wines.