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• maintain the certification acquired relating to the ISO 9001-2015 standard and the BRC and IFS standards, thus ensuring the constant updating of the System with respect to the evolution of the internal organization in order to make it increasingly a useful tool for company management;

• satisfy the customer by responding in a timely and professional manner to his needs through an elastic organization and direct contact with him, which must take place both by telephone and by participating in sector fairs at national and international level;

• always operate in accordance with the legal requirements and to protect the environment. Make sure that the product is safe and the work environment is suitable for the protection of the worker

• diversify its customers, thus increasing the number of customers both privately and in relation to large-scale distribution, also through the development of new technical skills of employees;

• increase turnover in the coming years in order to consolidate the company and make it a point of reference for customers in our sector.

• Pursue actions aimed at total compliance with ethics and sustainability at an economic, social and environmental level in order to obtain and maintain EQUALITAS certification

These objectives can be pursued through the use of targeted organizational tools, such as:

  • quality improvement plans that define specific activities, responsibilities and related timelines for each established objective;
  • a widespread process of raising awareness, involving and empowering individuals, through moments of meeting and sharing company strategies, so that 8 objectives to be achieved and achieved are a source of satisfaction for all company components;
  • activate a process of involvement of the local community in order to have direct contact and ideas for continuous improvement;
    a staff training and training process that takes into account company requirements and legal requirements and that follows the safety, certification and sustainability requirements with consequent professional improvement;
  • continuous monitoring of the company climate at the personnel level in order to have ideas for improvement or timely resolution of inconveniences.
  • absence of discrimination
  • a streamlined and flexible organizational structure in order to guarantee the ability to easily adapt to the changing demands of the market;
  • development and use of IT and technical tools that make it possible to facilitate management and reporting activities, obtaining significant information and data on which to draw to guide company choices and decisions.
  • With regard to good communication practices, the company intends to ensure demonstrable, verifiable and transparent communication on sustainability issues and the characteristics of the product it places on the market, using its website


To achieve all the objectives set, La Tre Secoli has implemented the following improvement plan for 2021:


1 - Intervening on the way the waste is discharged in order to have a continuous flow throughout the day so that the municipal purifier can work better and be more efficient.

2 - Renewal of company vehicles with the purchase of a hybrid vehicle with low emission and in the next three years the replacement of other vehicles will be evaluated.

3 - Involvement of the contributing members in the SQNPI project


1- Prepare a methodology for anonymous reporting by part of the local community 2 - Continuous staff training


1 - Extend the monitoring of consumption to energy consumption in order to enhance the investments made to improve energy efficiency and the sustainability of production processes


As regards the indicators envisaged by the Standard, implement the calculation of an initial environmental impact footprint.